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DjVuLibre History and Credits

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The DjVu project was started by Yann LeCun at AT&T Labs-Research in 1996. Much of the research and innovations behind DjVu were the work of Leon Bottou, Yann LeCun, Patrick Haffner, Paul Howard, and Yoshua Bengio, with some contributions from Pascal Vincent, Patrice Simard, and Steven Pigeon.

In 1998, Yann and Leon led a development effort that included the above researchers as well as a development group composed of Joe Orost (the guy who wrote "compress"), Bill C Riemers, Andrew Erofeev, Praveen Guduru, and a several others. Free Windows and Linux plug-ins were released, and prototype compressors were released free for non-commercial use.

In 1999, AT&T released v2.0 of the DjVu Reference Library (mostly written by Leon Bottou) under some sort of complicated open source license (AT&T lawyers would not hear of the GPL). Interest was limited.

In the spring of 2000, AT&T completed v3.0 of the DjVu software, after which LizardTech acquired the DjVu technology from AT&T. The LizardTech developers, led by Bill C Riemers, added I18N support, XML support, and extensively revisited the viewer.

In an effort to gather support for DjVu from the technical Internet community, LizardTech released the DjVu Reference Library v2.2 under the GNU GPL in November 2000. LizardTech later released v3.0 and v3.5 of the library. The released code base, while appropriate for LizardTech's own purpose, was somewhat difficult compile, install, understand, and port, for most people in the open source community. This was due to a combination of an aging documentation, an unusual build process, and a somewhat complicated code due to the inclusion of features that were relevant to LizardTech products, but not necessarily to the rest of the world.

DjVuLibre is the result of a cleanup of that code base by the original author of the DjVu Library, Leon Bottou (with contributions from those listed below.) DjVuLibre v3.5 is not as compact, clean, and simple as the original reference library implementation, but it has the advantage of being compatible with version 3.5 of LizardTech's commercial software suite while being portable and easy to install and to build.

The DjVuLibre project, the DjVuZone web site and the associated conversion services are maintained by Leon Bottou, Yann LeCun, Bill C Riemers, and Jeffery Triggs.

Please see the licensing page as well as LizardTech statement about the open source licensing of DjVu.

DjVuLibre Credits

Yann LeCun, Léon Bottou

Compression Science:
Léon Bottou, Paul Howard, Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio, Patrick Haffner, Pascal Vincent, Steven Pigeon

Software Architecture:
Léon Bottou, Bill C Riemers, Yann LeCun, Joseph M Orost

Codec Libraries, File Format Design:
Léon Bottou, Patrick Haffner, Andrew Erofeev, Bill C Riemers, Pascal Vincent, Yann LeCun

Plugins, Viewers:
Léon Bottou, Andrew Erofeev, Ming Chen, Bill C Riemers, Liang Chen, Praveen Guduru

Command Line Programs:
Léon Bottou, Bill C Riemers, Mike Houser

Fred Crary, Bill C Riemers,

Website Development:
Jeffery Triggs, Yann LeCun

DjVu Libre