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Here are a few screenshots of the DjVuLibre viewer/plug-in showing various documents in Konqueror and Galeon.

DjVu version of a 16th century book scanned at 300dpi. The magnifier in the upper right corner shows the document at the scanning resolution (one screen pixel per document pixel). The page occupies 33KB. The plug-in's integrated thumbnail feature is shown on the left. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
This shows the image resolution (2129x1899 pixels, 300dpi), and the size of each chunk. The text/foreground layer is 17.7KB. The other chunks contain the foreground colors and the background image. The last chunk contains the OCRed text. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
An example of black and white document. This comes from the excellent Century Dictionary web site, the largest free English dictionary available on-line. Each page is scanned at 400dpi and occupies around 100KB. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
Another page from the Century Dictionary. This shows the auto-hide tool bar at the bottom of the window. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
A manuscript from the digital library website of the University of Georgia. The text and the background paper are separated and compressed separately. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
Same document as above, with the background removed. The forground (text) and the background (paper and pictures) are separated at compression time and can be displayed separately by the DjVuLibre viewer. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
A beautiful Arabic manuscript from the Czech National Library web site. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
The Case Western Reserve University web site has several ancient documents in DjVu, with parallel text transcriptions. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
A page from a radio-controlled airplane catalog. This document was not scanned but converted directly from the original digital files. The pages are at 300dpi and occupy 71KB on average. The red frame around the text in the upper right corner is a highlighted hyperlink embedded in the DjVu document. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
A page from the IEEE Transaction on Information Theory web site hosted by UCSD. The popup window shows the size of each page (7 to 15KB) and the size of the shared shape dictionary (about 15KB worth of character bitmaps shared by all the pages). It shows the DjVu plug-in running in Galeon. Incidentally, the article shown is by Claude Shannon, the founder of Information Theory. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)
An example of technical paper from the NIPS Online web site scanned in B&W at 400dpi. The page is 7KB, and the whole 9 page article is 160KB. (Large JPEG)
(Large PNG)

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