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Information on DjVu

  • DjVuZone: news, information, tutorials, demos, samples, technical papers, and links about DjVu.
  • LizardTech:

Conversion Services

Free web-based services to convert your documents or pictures to DjVu:

  • Any2DjVu: convert anything to DjVu. No frills.
  • Bib2Web: upload a list of publications in BibTeX format together with the publication themselves in any format, and get a nice publication page with full-text search ready to post on you web site.

DjVu Web Sites

DjVu People

  • Leon Bottou: invented many of the techniques in DjVu, (wavelet coder, arithmetic coder, bitonal coder). Designed and wrote most of the core code too. Main author and maintainer of DjVuLibre. Leon's publications page has many technical papers on DjVu.
  • Yann LeCun: initiated and led the DjVu project at AT&T. Designed this web site and several sites at Wrote the JSS JavaScript Search Engine for client-side search of DjVu collections. Yann's publications page has many papers on DjVu in DjVu.
  • Patrick Haffner: designed and wrote the foreground/background segmenter in DjVu.
  • Yoshua Bengio: co-invented the ZP-coder.
  • Paul Howard: co-authored the ZP-coder, designed the original JB2 bitonal compression from which DjVu's current bitonal compressor is derived.
  • Bill Riemers: software architect for DjVu at LizardTech.
  • Luc Vincent: director of applied research at LizardTech.
  • Jeffery Triggs: created several DjVu-related web sites, including DjVuZone, and the Century Dictionary, as well as several server-side search systems for DjVu collections.
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